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Smears Awarenss Event: After Event Report with pictures

The Wembley Practice hosted a successful #smearforsmear event on Wednesday 23 January 2019. See pictures from the event below.

The event was well attended, mixed with members of the public, registered patients and surgery staff. Everyone who attended were able to partake in interactive workshops and talks to learn about the dangers of cervical cancer and the importance of having a smear test. A member of Jo’s Trust was also present to answer questions and offer advice and support to visitors.

The event has already helped to increase smear uptake in the practice and also provided a great platform to raise awareness for the #smearforsmear campaign and the work that Jo’s Trust do. You can find out more about Jo’s Trust here >>>


Smear Awareness Event – Wednesday 23 January 2019

Join us at The Wembley Practice on Wednesday 23 January 2018 for our Smear Awareness event between10.30am and 12.30pm. All patients are welcome to attend. See poster below.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet members of Jo’s Trust, a UK charity dedicated to women, their families and friends affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities. There will also be FREE refreshments and the chance for patients to have their smear test.

Every year in the UK, around 3,000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women aged 35 and under. The #SmearForSmear campaign is ran every year during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week and encourages people to post photos with smeared lipstick on to show support for the awareness campaign and to encourage female friends, family and followers to book their next smear.

Find out more about cervical cancer >>>