Non-NHS Medical Reports/Examinations Price List 2018-2019

We complete various medical reports including but not limited to insurance, occupational, disability and housing reports. We aim to complete all reports within 2 weeks from the date of receipt. For all enquiries please contact us. If the report does not form part of the NHS services a charge may apply. Where possible, we base our fees in line with the British Medical Associate (BMA) Guidance which is issued yearly.

IMPORTANT: read our guidance on Letters and Reports before you book an appointment.

Services Price
Life Insurance Report (patient not examined) £104.00
Supplementary Insurance Reports (request for additional information) £27.00
Medical certificate (short) £18.00
Simple letter (Statement of Fact, ‘To whom it may concern’ or ‘fitness’ letter) £30.00
Detailed letter (e.g. job related, occupational health, asking about prognosis etc) £80.00
Copy of records – Computerised only
In accordance with our Subject Access Records policy, we offer free access to medical records via online, which means you are always kept up to date with your medical records after your access is activated.
Patient to view records at practice £10.00
Copy of paper records or combination of paper and computer records £50.00
Adoption and Fostering

–   Form AH/AH2 (Adult Health Report/ Assessment for prospective carer)

–   Child-minder Health Form



Housing Report £45.00
Fitness to fly certificate £30.00
Fitness to travel Certificate £30.00
Fit to exercise letter £30.00
Holiday Cancellation/Accident/Sickness Insurance Forms £45.00
DVLA Questionnaire see DVLA form
Blue Badge Report only £25.15
Compensation Claim (CICA) Reports ( on their form) £39.00
Private Health Questionnaire £30.00
Any other Report request £30.00 per page
·     Vaccinations  
Hepatitis B for Employment Purposes (course of 3 injections)£30.00 per dose £90.00  
Hepatitis B (Single shot) £30.00
Meningitis ACWY Prescription Only
·     Paternity Testing  
For making the arrangements and to take a sample e.g. DNA saliva swab test, hair sample £40.00